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Arthur’s Theme – Medieval Cuisine in Modern Times | Candolim

A modern take on an Arthurian dining hall, Arthur’s Theme has been crafted elegantly with detailed and chic interior. Located at the Candolim strip and hard to miss, it sits on the ground floor of the Acacia Hotel right in the heart of the bustling tourist hotspot.

Third in an existing chain of restaurants,  Arthurs Theme was a concept in the making, from Chef Navtej’s brief home away from home in Europe cooking and falling in love with it’s cuisine. With the hopes of opening a fourth one shortly – the humble, iconic and brilliant restaurateur is blazing a trail across India.


A good sit-down dinner or lunch always starts with a touch of drinks round the table. Arthurs Theme boasts of an extensive drinks menu comprising of your standard mocktails, cocktail pitchers, aperitifs and single malts. But more than this, Arthurs boast of their wide collection of select wines from the Australian Yellow Tail Shiraz to the Indian Charosa Shiraz.

On the cocktail list, one of the must haves is the Bloody Guava – a spicy blend of vodka, jolokia sauce and guava juice, both refreshing and edgy, this would be the perfect way to start off your meal.

If you feel the chill in the cold winter months, then sip on the warm soulful Whiskey Toddy that sends a soothing warmth down your belly and into your soul.

Apart from this, the Cafe n Whisky and the Berry Martini are also some notable mentions.


True to the name and theme of this restaurant – Arthur’s Theme not only acquires a modern day version of the Anglo-Saxon period in the aesthetic and set up of the restaurant, but also extends this to its menu.

Naming all the dishes after noted mythology and history based literary characters – a subtle hat-tip to quintessential personalities of the Arthurian generation.

The Octa; which is a delicate and tender layer of smoked salmon with cream cheese and chives dashed with sweet mustard sauce is by far one of the best items on the and a hand’s down must have off the starter’s list. Another close perfection is the Alexia, which is a succulent delight of marinated prawns wrapped chicken, grilled and tossed in a spicy sauce.

One worthy mention is the Don Quixote, which like its literary counterpart, is quite unassuming – a basic deep fried cheese croquette, however, the clash of the crispy batter along with cheese is simply delicious and packed with warm chewable delight. And true to his name ‘Don Quixote’ , this dish has a lot of character in itself.

The Queen Marchell, Lady Ewen and the Sir John Grey are some other items on the starter list that one should try out.


Main dishes fit for a king, Arthurs Theme offers a wide variety of centralized European cuisine in one place. Ranging from wood-fired pizzas, to vegetarian, to a heavy seafood dishes, most prominent, however would have to be the chicken, duck and beef tenderloin menus.

Starting out with authentic pizzas, Arthur’s Theme crafts these out with their very own wood-fired oven set in full view of the outside seating area . The classic Italian Napolitano which is thin moderately doughy crust with olives, sun-dried tomatoes with jalapeno and mozzarella is an exceptional choice from the pizza list.

On the beef tenderloins and true to its name, the Magnus Maximus is a thick slab of Salisbury steak ground beef patty, topped with a mushroom sauce, accompanied with a select special salad and french fries. Supple and no other way to have this other than medium rare – this is seasoned to bring out a cascade of flavours enjoyable all the way through.

A worthy mention on the seafood menu – is the Konrad I which is a chunk of Norwegian Salmon fish cooked in Cajun on a bed of stir-fried zucchini and mashed potatoes , topped with a lemon butter sauce.


Fine dining would be an incomplete event without indulging your sweet tooth.

Simple yet elegant in every way is the best way to describe the dessert menu. Here, the kitchen focuses on basic desserts only – crafted and constructed to perfection.

The stuffed crepe with chocolate creme sauce and honey for one is an absolute dynamite. Soft, delicate and extremely spongy – the subtle wrap melts in your mouth with a sweetness, making way for your next bite. This is hand’s down an absolute must have.

Feeling like something with a bit of zing to top your meal? Look no further, the Lemon Souffle is what you want. Apart from this, the menu has a healthy selection of cakes, from the Blue Berry Cheese to the Chocolate Lava.

The Final Verdict

The fine dining experience, excellent quality, amazing taste and reasonably priced – Arthur’s Theme satisfies all the criterias that one looks for in a dining experience.

Pop in for a drink or sit down for a small serving of some starters or go belly up on their steaks and pizzas. Either way, Arthur’s Theme guarantees you a royal treat leaving you satisfied and jolly.


Arthur's Theme Restaurant

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Hours | Monday to Sunday 11am - 12am


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