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Discover great travel experiences in Goa

Explore Panjim

Explore Panjim, Goa's captivating capital city

Take a walk through Panjim & discover a side to Goa you won't find chilling at the beach.


Our home base here in Goa, Panjim is a city you simply have to experience for yourself and there is no better way than on foot.

So follow along in our city guide here & check out the attached map for all of our suggested places to eat, sleep, shop & explore!

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Find great local guides in Goa


Responsible Tourism Collective Goa

The Responsible Tourism Collective is "a community based initiative that brings together tourism practitioners from across Goa, to inspire, enable, practice and promote responsible tourism. 


Here you can find ethical, eco conscious experiences, accommodation, and activities that can help you be a conscious traveller while discovering all that this beautiful state has to offer!"


Terra Conscious

Founded in February 2017, Terra Conscious is a marine conservation based social enterprise offering unique tourist experiences directly linked to positive social impact initiatives across Goa.

Learn more about them & their range of responsible travel experiences here!


Soul Travelling

The Soul Travelling team specializes in offbeat tourism. They organize unique experiences to keep you both entertained and informed while in Goa by introducing you to the local community, culture & other travellers alike!

Search upcoming trails here


The Local Beat

The folks at The Local Beat love to chill..."we find it very relaxing & we want you to feel & do the same in Goa. Be like a local, walk like a local, talk like a local & best, eat like a local."

Find your way to the locals here


Make it Happen

Curated travel experiences that provide you insider access to extraordinary people, who share their culture and take you to exclusive places to experience a ‘different way of life’.

Go on, make it happen!


Goa Green

According to husband and wife duo, Nicole & Charlie, "Goa Green is dedicated to show you a Goa that isn’t just surf, sun and sand. The Goa we would like to present to you is the land where we have grown up, along its rivers, snaking towards the deep blue sea, around its hills, meadows on top of hills, hills rolling on to forts, forts cliff-hanging on golden beaches."


The Bicycle Trip

This Panjim based company was founded by Jigeesha & Abhinav with the central objective to get Goa on bicycles. Step one of their journey has been to share the rich heritage, lush nature and toothsome cuisine of Goa by way of conducting bicycle trips for tourists.


Offering a number of trips in and around the capital, they also organize custom tours and are happy to accommodate specific interests and experience.

Local Goa Guides
JumpCut Goa

JumpCut Goa

Discover all the various facets of Goa with India’s first Video Magazine.


JumpCut Goa is a newly formed platform creating brilliant visual content focused entirely on Goa and everything that makes this little piece of paradise so very special.

Find all of their latest videos & local spotlights here!

LogoGemtrack (1).png

Gemtrack Travel

"Gemtrack is a team of passionate conscious travellers who are on a mission of making slow & sustainable travel accessible to travellers around the world.


They've made a handpicked selection of the most unique travel gems in Bali, Lombok, Goa & Sri Lanka that focus on growing in harmony with the local community and the environment."

Learn more about Gemtrack & download their FREE Goa slow travel guide now!

Offbeat Goa

Offbeat Goa

Offbeat Goa believes that "if enough places are encouraged to lead their business in a more sustainable manner we will not only solve most of our tourism related problems but eventually turn Goa into a sought after eco-friendly destination that attracts travellers that respect the land, which will in turn encourage local culture, more small local family run businesses, increase employment, reduce waste, and create an overall gentler, kinder and cleaner environment."


Their @goaexperiences Facebook & @offbeatgoa Instagram pages are both hot beds of information on upcoming events & sustainable travel initiatives across Goa.


They also organize their own events such as the New Earth Gathering & Good Karma Garage Sale, along with regular beach clean ups & live music gatherings.


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