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Gemtrack Travel | Your guide to the slow & sustainable ways of Goa

Over the past few months, we at have been actively seeking inputs from local businesses and individuals as to how we can be a more helpful & inclusive resource within the community. Now in many of these conversations, there was one thing that was repetitively mentioned to us:


Whether it was the owner of an art cafe & guesthouse, the team at our go to hostel or favourite restaurant, they all kept referring to this so called company. They informed us of the work this group was doing to document and promote the consciously minded businesses and initiatives across Goa and told us we'd better look them up.

So that's what we did, and boy aren't we grateful...

"Gemtrack is a team of passionate conscious travellers who are on a mission of making slow & sustainable travel accessible to travellers around the world.

They've made a handpicked selection of the most unique travel gems in Bali, Lombok, Goa & Sri Lanka that focus on growing in harmony with the local community and the environment. The Gemtrack team has spent time living or travelling long-term in these destinations, and are now your on ground friend who can provide you with the best insider tips!

Through authentic encounters with inspiring people and unique experiences, Gemtrack hopes that everyone who travels with them discovers how much fun it is to travel more consciously."

- Gabrielle Cepella, Co-Founder of Gemtrack

Their exploration of Goa is extensive, sharing insight into many of our favourite places, and creating brilliant content to back up their claims. Throughout their website, Facebook & Instagram, you'll find informative articles & personal accounts, beautifully captured photos & inspiring short videos. All made with the local community and curious traveler in mind.

You'll find the Gemtrack travel team's wonderful, well written stories here

Goa 'Gems' & many of our favourite spots to eat, sleep & be inspired here

& information on how to book their Slow Travel Plans here

So you can see it's no wonder that as soon as we discovered their work we knew we wanted to connect. To learn more about them and help share their message in what ever way we could. So while we are only sharing a bit on their business for now, we look forward to many fun and exciting collaborations to come!

Their concept is simple

First, they set up a call to learn more about you & your travel goals. Once you're convinced, you simply make the bank transfer and they'll get to work creating the perfect slow travel plan tailored just for you.

Costs are €150 - an early bird price (up to 5 people) which includes:

An intake call to discuss your wishes

A custom-made travel plan

A slow & sustainable travel guide

They save you valuable time and do all the research for you.

And let's be honest, with their insider tips you're likely to save a whole lot more than €150

Plus their FREE Slow & Sustainable Travel Guide to Goa is available for download now!

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Gemtrack Travel

Contact: +31 612787107


Connect with them on Facebook & Instagram


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