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Download Gemtrack's FREE Goa slow travel guide today!

If you thought the Gemtrack website & Facebook groups were a hot bed of information, wait until you get your hands on their new FREE e-books!

Determined to make responsible travel easy & accessible to all, the team behind Gemtrack Travel decided to take it one step further and create a series of guidebooks compiling all of their experiences & knowledge in slow & sustainable travel across each of their 4 destinations. So whether you are about to discover Goa for the very first time or have been here on a number of occasions, this guide will open your eyes & provide you with all the tools & insight you need to make a positive impact within the communities to visit.

"The gorgeous state of Goa is truly a multi-sensory experience! The smallest state of India is known for its beautiful beaches, long history of hippie culture, rich biodiversity and architectural marvels. For a tiny destination, it is rich in its offerings and the best way to explore Goa is to travel slow."

All information & imagery collected directly from Gemtrack's Goa e-book &

Plus, if Goa is just one of many stops along your itinerary, make sure you check out the Gemtrack travel guides to Bali, Sri Lanka & Lombok as well!!

You can find out more about the folks at Gemtrack in our introductory post here & be sure to also check out our full list of great Goa Guides & other travel blogs to help you plan your next trip!

Happy travels :)

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