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7 Goa guides you need to know

Gone are the days when you could find a well worn copy of the Lonely Planet, Rough Guides or a torn up paper map in the carry bag of every traveler. Replaced by smart phones, Google Maps, Trip Advisor, personal travel blogs, e-books and instagram - the act of planning a trip and discovering a new country or city has become a whole different game entirely. So while you can certainly find a great deal of information through reviews and articles online, the following "guides" (everything from a hardcopy book to a personal cycle tour company) will provide you with the insight and experience you can only get from an expert.

Photo: Sinquerim Beach by Gitesh-Jethwa

Love Goa | Love India Travel Guides by Fiona Caulfield

Known as India's leading travel designer, Fiona Caulfield has been curating beautifully handcrafted and information packed guides tailored to the luxury vagabond for over 10 years. In it's 3rd Edition, the Love Goa guide is a must read.

Simba Beer's Wild Guide to Goa | by Beard Design

More of a zine than a book per say, this quirky illustrated guide is the perfect sidekick to any weekend away.

Goa City Cards | by Locus Media

Carefully crafted & curated, these pocket sized maps are the perfect side kick and souvenir from your visit to Goa. Designed by Locus Media, a Mumbai based company that has been designing beautiful hardcopy neighbourhood maps for nearly a decade across various cities in India. They recently launched their first Goa edition (Panjim + several areas of North Goa) in December 2018. You can find copies at many of the larger hotels across Goa as well as any number of their participating retailers. Click the link for more details.

Custom Cycle Tours | by The Bicycle Trip

This Panjim based company was founded by Jigeesha & Abhinav with the central objective to get Goa on bicycles. Step one of their journey has been to share the rich heritage, lush nature and toothsome cuisine of Goa by way of conducting bicycle trips for tourists. Offering a number of trips in and around the capital, they also organize custom tours and are happy to accommodate specific interests and experience.

Tailored Tours & Travels | by Goa Green

According to husband and wife duo, Nicole & Charlie, "Goa Green is dedicated to show you a Goa that isn’t just surf, sun and sand. The Goa we would like to present to you is the land where we have grown up, along its rivers, snaking towards the deep blue sea, around its hills, meadows on top of hills, hills rolling on to forts, forts cliff-hanging on golden beaches. The people we have grown up around, the fishermen, the toddy tappers, the planters,the priests... people with a smile on their faces and warmth in their hearts. Goa Green’s is a love story on many counts."

Insider's Guide to Goa | by Rachel Jones of Hippie in Heels

After living in Goa for 5 years and exploring just about every inch of the state, Hippie in Heels - one of India's best known travel bloggers, released her Goa insider's e-book. A detailed round up of everything you need to know about Goa.

Moving to Goa | by Katharina Poggendorf-Kakar

Less of a guidebook and more of a personal memoir / travelogue, Moving to Goa takes an insightful look at Goan history and society. This thoughtfully written book portrays Goa with all its paradoxes and problems, its seductive pleasures and, above all, its unique and enduring charm.


Known of another great guide or resource to Goa? Share it in the comments below or send us an email at Happy Travels!

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