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5 travel blogs with great Goa guides to help you plan your next trip!

Truth be told there weren't many options out there when we first started blogging about Goa some 10 odd years ago.

Oh how the online world has changed!

Today there seems no end to the number of blog posts you'll find listing out the "must-see" spots & "hidden gems" of Goa. And yet, only a select few are really worth the read. So without further a due...

Here are the top 5 independent travel blogs we suggest you read!

Chosen for the quality, quantity & authenticity of their content - each of these bloggers provide a personal spin on Goa & share tips we can all learn from! *All photos courtesy of respective blogger's website and/or Facebook page.

1. All things Goa & the Goa Ebook by Hippie-in-Heels

By far one of the earliest bloggers to concentrate almost entirely on solo female travel in India, Rachel Jones was one of Goa's most prolific & well known voices on the web. An American nurse turned nomad, Rachel spent nearly 6 years based in Goa with her partner Ben & several adopted dogs before relocating themselves Merida, Mexico. However in early May of 2019, Rachel sadly & unexpectedly passed away. In honour of her passion for all things travel & blogging, we want to dedicate this post to Rachel and support her family's wishes to ensure Hippie-in-Heels lives on as an insightful resource for travellers around the world. Rachel's blog has been an inspiration to countless women over the years providing the insight & encouragement they needed to set off on their own for the first time. A legacy that will without a doubt continue to guide others for many years to come.

Gemtrack is a team of passionate conscious travellers who are on a mission of making slow & sustainable travel accessible to travellers around the world. Throughout their website, facebook & instagram, you'll find informative articles & personal accounts, beautifully captured photos & inspiring short videos. All made with the local community and curious traveler in mind.

Author of The Shooting Star travel blog & bestselling book, Shivya has spent the past 7 years on the road while sharing her experiences as a solo female, vegan traveler from India. And of all the places she's been, Goa remains one of the places she keeps coming back to.

4. An Insider's Guide to Goa by Global Gallivanting

Blogger Anna Phipps, originally from the UK, has spent the past 5/6 years based in Goa whenever not on a trip. As a result, she has built up a serious list of Goa's must see's & do's that will surely help give you some ideas.

Meet Elli & Ravi, a 30-something British & Indian couple who met on their travels, and decided to continue the adventure together. Graciously blogging their experiences along the way with a focus on the more responsible, conscious sides to travel.


Know of any other blogs you'd like to suggest?

We're on the look out for great travel, food, fashion & other topic specific Goa blogs!

So if you're a blogger or have several you follow, be sure to send them our way!!!

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