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Get Out | A podcast from Goa sharing inspiring stories from around the world

Get Out is a weekly podcast covering inspirational stories of travel, culture, and everyday society from around the world. Hosted by Nikhil Shankar & produced by Wild Orange Circus Studios, the series is a mix of one-on-one interviews, soundscapes & candid conversations between Nikhil & his guests. An avid traveller himself, many of the episodes span well beyond Goa, to tell the stories of interesting people doing inspiring things elsewhere in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar & Thailand.

What inspired you to start a podcast & what was the timeline between initial idea & streaming your first episodes?

I have been exposed to podcasts for close to a decade now, and I love how this medium lends itself well to long-form audio content. I was inspired by listening to people who are doing awesome things, either out in the natural surroundings or following lesser known paths. I was inspired by my friends and acquaintances, especially in the travel and adventure scene. So, I wished to share their stories. Get Out may also document my own explorations out in the world.

Initially, Get Out was supposed to be an independent print magazine with a podcast element online. Later, I decided to stick to just the audio format. Between designing the logo, recording, and releasing the first few episodes, it took me about three months during the monsoon of 2018.

How do you decide who to interview & what are some of your most memorable conversations?

Well, these are casual conversations, and not meant to be considered as interviews. With regard to decisions, I guess, it's instinct. When I come across something that I would like to experience, I read up a bit about the people behind them. I have observed that, usually, these individuals have incredible accounts of how they made it possible. How they got out, or created entities to help us get out. So, I invite them to be on the show. As we learn stuff together over those couple of hours or more, I hope it does strike a chord with whoever is listening.

All my conversations have been memorable, really. I'm humbled because my guests have taken the time to accommodate me in their busy schedules. They didn't have to respond to my request, but they did, which is why I'm grateful that they sat down to chat with me over drinks and dainties.

How has the podcast evolved since its inception & where do you hope to take it in the coming years?

Among other things, the podcast has helped me evolve as a person. If you listen closely, you can trace my personal journey of 'getting out' too, both literally and metaphorically. So, that has led to better conversations across various subjects with diverse people. I'm fortunate that we have covered some important topics while just hanging out. Some of the people on the show have connected with each other, and introduced me to several others as well. A couple of guests have been inspired to start podcasts themselves, which is great for the podcasting culture as a whole. The community is alive.

In the coming years, I hope to continue sharing more stories and my experiences outdoors, while travelling across our planet, and maybe into space!

How has living in Goa influenced your outlook on the world & the stories you want to share?

When not travelling, I currently live between Goa and Bangalore. This is my seventh year since I have moved to the Goan shores, and I call this base camp!

From what I have observed, there is a concentration of mostly like-minded people from different backgrounds who call Goa their home in some form or the other. Whether or not the natives accept 'outsiders' wholeheartedly, I feel Goa is fuelling a distinct cultural ecosystem that is inclusive. I have noticed that people tend to realise their projects here because they feed off of each others' positive vibes, which, I feel translates to a reasonably kind society. I'm not much of a social person, and yet, I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful humans here. Goa gives you access to a lot of interesting folks and that means more stories to tell!

I'm not sure if living here has had influences on my world views, or, I, like many others, gravitated to Goa because of certain world views.

Similarly, how have your travels & interactions with your guests changed the way you view the world?

The more I travel, the idea of 'home' keeps getting diluted. Maybe, it's about identity. Where do we all actually belong? I have found that engaging with nature and different tribes of people is the best remedy for our inflated egos.

Through the people that I have met, thanks to the podcast, it's clear to me that being outside is a natural thing. It takes effort to stay indoors.

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