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Learn to live a more conscious lifestyle with Greenlane.TV

Greenlane is a media platform that inspires you to practice a sustainable & regenerative lifestyle by introducing you to verified green brands and initiatives. 

In other words..."Creating awareness for a better tomorrow."

We reached out to Greenlane Founder, Varun George, to learn more about the platform and find out how living in Goa has influenced his overall outlook on the world.


When did you launch Greenlane & what inspired you to do so?

Greenlane has been beta since the first half of 2019 and we plan to launch in June 2020. 

I've been inspired by people within my network who practice a zero waste lifestyle and by my family as they run a sustainable hospitality brand - CGH Earth. I've learned to respect nature as I love to surf. I believe that climate change is the biggest challenge of our times and I've understood that we don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly but we need millions of people doing it imperfectly. This inspired me to build a media platform to spread awareness around conscious living.

In your own words, what does it mean to live a conscious lifestyle?

A conscious lifestyle is being mindful of everything we consume and understanding what happens to anything we 'throw away'.

Who is involved & how do you curate your content?

Our core team of 5 members work remotely from different locations across India. Our content is curated by domain experts and we have over 30 curators who curate playlists around sustainable living practices.

How has the platform evolved since its inception & where do you hope to take it in the coming years?

The platform started out as space to discover verified playlists on sustainable living solutions. Over the one last year, we have discovered that culture building also involves helping consumers implement their learnings and measure the impact. Our update in June allows users to take 'real' actions. In the coming years, we want to inspire more and more people to rethink the way we live and make sustainability sexy.

How has living in Goa influenced your outlook on the world, the environment & our role as inhabitants on this earth?

I typically spend half the year in Goa and otherwise shuttle between anywhere else my work needs me to be. I've been a digital nomad for the last 6 years as I've been working with remote teams for my last venture too which has shifted base to Amsterdam. Living in Goa has shaped me for who I am today as I've learned from incredible experiences over the years and I'm surrounded by inspiring neighbours and a progressive and open-minded community.   

Can you suggest any key players either businesses, brands or individuals in Goa doing great work in this space?

Many of our content curators on Greenlane are from Goa, and they are all do great work in this space - these include Puja Mitra from Terra Conscious, Zora Thind from Saraya, Jill Ferguson from Vaayu and Peter Fernandis from Rosie and Peters Garden to name a few.

Beyond Greenlane, what are some interesting platforms / resources related to conscious living you would recommend?

There are a number of eco awareness youtube channels like Sustainable Human, Our Changing Climate and Rob Greenfield. Then there are platforms like Mind Valley, Better India and Ethico that promote conscious living. And then there are top podcasts like Conscious Chatter, Green Dreamer, The Sustainable Minimalists.

How has the current situation & COVID-19 outbreak influenced or affected your work & the relevancy of platforms like Greenlane?

The green movement was gaining ground, especially amongst the youth even prior to COVID-19.The outbreak has forced humanity to slow down and reflect. This is an opportunity for us to rethink and restart.  We are hopeful that the media and platforms like will play a role in spreading awareness that we need to tackle climate change together and with the urgency that we are addressing this pandemic.



Live Consciously

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