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Ideas for Goa | Citizens come together to reimagine the Goa of tomorrow!

Ideas for Goa | Film by JumpCut Goa

Ideas for Goa is a citizen led initiative with the goal to reignite Goa's economic engine for a post COVID-19 world with the help from your innovative ideas!

"A platform that not only reignites our economy post COVID-19 but also helps create a Goa that is more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive than the status quo and is a shining example for the rest of India. This is born out of the belief real change happens only with free flow of ideas and bottoms up citizen empowerment."

In times of crisis, one can easily feel overwhelmed. The future suddenly seems entirely uncertain and even the most concrete of life plans can now feel inadequate or un-relatable moving forward. However given the unique situation that this lockdown has been, and despite all of the damage it in itself has caused to the economy and those at the bottom line, it may in fact present us with an unprecedented opportunity.

For this may be the first time in modern history that the entire world has taken a moment's break.

Well, a +2 month break and potentially much longer break for any and all nonessential industries. Not to mention that is has in no way been a break for all those working on the frontline: essential care workers, hospital staff, relief workers, grocery store owners....the list goes on. But you get what we mean...

For the first time, at least in our lifetime, countries have been left at a complete standstill awaiting what's next. And while Goa has always been a semi seasonal state, with its unofficial pause and restart button occurring ever year as one season moves into another given the 3-5 month summer & monsoon break. It's only ever been just that, pause and replay. There has never been a reason or opportunity to completely reevaluate and start anew. Even though theres been a stir amongst the community for years on the desperate need for a rebranding of t