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The Balcão | An architecture blog & magazine from Goa

How exactly we stumbled upon The Balcão, I do not recall. Perhaps it was the minimal logo that caught our eye or a well framed architectural photo standing out from the crowd on our screen. Whatever it was, there was a clear attention to detail that sparked our intrigue as we scrolled through for more and eventually led to our discovery of an interesting blog & online magazine. A well curated space full of insightful thoughts, musings and research in the field of architecture from Goa & beyond.

Curious as we are, we decided to get in touch with The Balcão creator & Goan architect, Lester Silveira, to learn more about the platform. Here's what he had to say...

When did it begin & what inspired you to start writing?

I started The Balcão in August 2017 as an online platform to showcase my thoughts, research and writings in the field of architecture. I had just returned to Goa, fresh from my 1-year architecture internship in Bombay, full of ideas and inspiration. I’ve always been very passionate about architecture and I felt I needed a creative outlet to express myself.