• sonja@goa

Skateboarding in Goa

What began as a pass time between a handful of friends back in 2014, can now be considered one of the most popular sports in Goa today. For while the skateboarding scene in India may have taken its own sweet time to reach mainstream acceptance, it's definitely here to stay. Not to mention, inspiring new recruits everyday!

Photos by @safesilva & @siddhantvasphoto

Now to cover this topic in Goa, we wanted to connect with someone who really knows skateboarding.

Someone who's out there each & everyday and knows just the spot to skate in Goa. So who better to link up with than Velister Rodriguez. A skateboarder from Goa & avid member of the SkateLifeGoa community (more on them below), commonly known as Vrod.

Tell us a bit about yourself & how you got into skateboarding?

I started skateboarding in 2018 when I first saw a skateboard at my cousin's pl