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Join the #SupportYourTravelGems campaign & help protect the future of travel!

Our friends over at Gemtrack, a slow & sustainable travel platform, have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to bring you the #SupportYourTravelGems campaign.

"Scattered as we are, across the globe, what unites us all as travellers is the love we have for these incredible travel gems that have added value to our journeys. Gemtrack’s #SupportYourTravelGems campaign seeks to connect travellers with methods for supporting their favourite travel gems. Every travel gem that has a profile on Gemtrack’s website now contains information about the travel gem, as well as ways in which you can support them in this difficult period, whether it is by buying post dated vouchers or donating directly or simply sharing their profile widely so that they can gain more visitors once the crisis recedes. This kind of a solution-oriented focus helps them receive the funds to pay their staff even when they have to close down and make it through the crisis."

Click here to read the full article & open letter to the conscious travel community all around the world!

Little World in Palolem & Jamboree Creek in Mandrem via @Gemtracktravel

We, along with countless other content creators within the online travel community have pledged in support of Gemtrack's #SupportYourTravelGems campaign and encourage you to take part in whatever small way you can.

"It is crucial that small sustainable travel businesses are able to survive the corona crisis and continue their inspiring work once the dust settles. We need more travel businesses to adopt a model that looks after the needs of the local community and surrounding nature so that the net impact of travel can be positive - for visitors, for economies and for the planet as a whole."

While many of us are still adjusting to the reality of global lockdowns, quarantines & curfews ourselves, we are still in a position to make a positive impact in the lives of those who need it most. The small businesses & local travel companies that made your journeys what they were. For in this time of crisis, they have been forced to shut shop indefinitely & wait it out without any guarantee of income for themselves, their employees & their families.

Join us & support your favourite travel gems in Goa here!

And if you don't spot them, don't worry! Gemtrack has set it up in such a way that you can even create a new profile for the very gem you would like to support. Learn how here!

So if like us, you've been fortunate enough to travel the world and fall in love with every place we've ever visited, now is the time to pay the favour forward.


A big thank you to Rosa & Aishwarya of Gemtrack Travel for all of their efforts and for reaching out to us with the #SupportYourTravelGems campaign.

It's easy to feel helpless in such uncertain times, and yet we continue to find ourselves inspired. As everywhere you look there are people making something out of nothing & doing the very best they can to do good.

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