• sonja@goa

Join the #SupportYourTravelGems campaign & help protect the future of travel!

Our friends over at Gemtrack, a slow & sustainable travel platform, have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to bring you the #SupportYourTravelGems campaign.

"Scattered as we are, across the globe, what unites us all as travellers is the love we have for these incredible travel gems that have added value to our journeys. Gemtrack’s #SupportYourTravelGems campaign seeks to connect travellers with methods for supporting their favourite travel gems. Every travel gem that has a profile on Gemtrack’s website now contains information about the travel gem, as well as ways in which you can support them in this difficult period, whether it is by buying post dated vouchers or donating directly or simply sharing their profile widely so that they can gain more visitors once the crisis recedes. This kind of a solution-oriented focus helps them receive the funds to pay their staff even when they have to close down and make it through the crisis."

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