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5 ways to help @Goa create positive impact on social media right now!

With everything that's been going on lately, both in Goa & around the world, we really want to use this platform to spread a little joy in the coming weeks.

The situation at hand is serious, we can not ignore that. However, we want to use our reach to celebrate the small yet positive moments in your day.

Because staying home can be hard, especially under the pretext of curfews & quarantine, but it also allows us to slow down and reflect on the very things that matter most.

So why not play a game, a social media #socialdistancing in Goa scavenger hunt of sorts.

Now here's what we'd like you to share! >>>

1. Show us your favourite corner of the house.

Capture the corner you love the most, be it a cozy bed or breezy patio, a fragrant kitchen or the sunlit view from your front window. Perhaps its the objects, artworks & plants you've collected or the make shift workspace you've just created.

Our homes are full of stories, memories & meaning. So why not celebrate them, at least while we're stuck in them ;) Simply send us your photos or 5-15 second videos to @Goa on Instagram, either via DM or by tagging us directly in your stories!

One can take inspiration from the following series by Rodin Rahman:

'Goa at home in India. 2018. Outside looking in'

And if you stumble across an old photo album or family heirloom in the process, why not reach out the duo of Goa Familia, a project initiated by Serendipity Arts Festival that aims to collect & conceptualize Goan family histories in relation to a larger cultural narrative.


2. If you have pets, show us how they're coping with the new #stayhome arrangements.

Because nothing lightens the mood like a cute cat video, right! Sent from yours truly, Kitcat.


3. Tell us one thing you've learnt or stumbled upon this week.

Be it a fun fact, a new book or blog worth reading, a great movie or series to watch or a new recipe you've just learnt to make, these little things can go a long way in brightening up someone's day!

To get you started, we've compiled a list of 5 short films from Goa we think you'll enjoy & that you can watch right away!

We can also suggest tuning into JumpCut Goa & Goa Bylane, two online platforms creating great original content about & around Goa.

Also, if you're an art lover and enjoyed the December 2019 Serendipity Arts Festival, the SAF team is now working towards building a series of newsletters in response to the current lockdown with little snippets of art and experimentations, stories and ideas to keep you inspired.

You can learn more about it & their 1 Second Art films on SAF's recent Instagram posts below or subscribe directly to their upcoming newsletters right here!


4. Give a shout out to one of your favourite #Goa businesses.

As a tourism & hospitality hub, Goa's local business community has already been hit hard by the current situation and are going to need all the help they can get to bounce back from this. A reality the good folks at No Nasties have beautifully communicated in their recent Instagram postings. See 1/3 here >>>

So why not give your favourite businesses some love! Be it a local vendor, restaurant, guesthouse, or product line, tag them, tell us why you love them & what you can't wait to indulge in once you can.

Or better yet, follow No Nasties advice & "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." Examples:⁣⁠⁣⁠

1) Give your vegetable seller Rs.5000 as advance - you know you'll buy veggies sooner or later.⁣⁠ 2) Pre-pay for 10 sessions from your local masseuse or your personal trainer or yoga teacher. 3) Pre-tip your waiter for 5 meals. Show them you care.⁣⁠ 4) Buy Gift Cards from your favourite do-good / family-run / local small businesses.

"It's imperative that they survive!⁣⁠"


5. Stress & anxiety can be a real issue in times like these. Tell us one thing you do to relax & keep calm?

Exercise, meditation, journaling... It may seem simple, but for many of us, finding new ways to cope with unexpected changes in life can be an extremely overwhelming task. So if you've mastered or even just started a personal practice that helps to destress, please share it and maybe it can help someone else!

As for logistical information & updates on the current COVID-19 situation in Goa & India, be sure to follow Act for Goa on Instagram as they are doing a wonderful job in keep their feed full of helpful resources, news updates & emergency contact numbers.


Thank you from at @Goa team & we look forward to receiving your inputs!

Follow us @Goa on Instagram & send us your photos or 5-15s videos highlighting any or all of the above 5 topics. Submit either by DM or by tagging us @goa directly in your stories.


Submit your thoughts here:


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