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5 Goa short films to watch right now!

Whether you're stuck at home, missing Goa, or simply in the mood for some inspiring, informative & uplifting entertainment, these 5 short films from Goa are sure to hold your attention. Plus, they're also all available to watch right now on Youtube. So go ahead, enjoy!

1. The Birdman of Chorão (2017)

A film by Shashank Bhosale

We had the privilege of viewing this short documentary of a boatman from Chorão at the 2 day Environmental Film Festival organized by Toxics Link in late February 2020.

"The Birdman of Chorão tells the story of Uday Mandrekar’s selfless efforts in protecting the mangroves in Chorão, so that the habitat of birds and animals remains safe."

2. Chorão Island: A Place, its People & a Project (2016)

A film made by the Indo-German Biodiversity Programme

Another beautiful portrayal of the Goan island of Chorão, this film was made at the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary as part of a project titled ‘Conservation and Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Protected Areas (CMPA)’ by the Indo-German Biodiversity Programme in collaboration with MoEFCC, Goa Forest Department and GIZ.

"By involving the island’s community, the project seeks to create an environmental and economic balance for this ecosystem and its people."

3. Shifting Sands (2013)

A film by Sonia Filinto

"The documentary Shifting Sands features the fishermen and fisherwomen of Calangute, a village at the centre of north Goa’s tourism belt. It explores how they perceive themselves, their trade and the changes around them.

The sands may have shifted, and the tide keeps changing, but some bonds remain strong."

4. Cooking with Locals in Bardem Village (2017)

A series by 101 India with Wild Wild Chef Karan

"Unlocking the culinary secrets of Goa's Velips community.

Beginning his gastronomical journey in the villages of Goa, Karan travels to Bardem, a small village in the Cotigao reserve. Here, he will learn traditional recipes from the Velips: the local community of the region. The Velips are one of the original inhabitants of the Konkan coast, with many of them still following the traditions and cultures of their ancestors."

Catch part two of the series here: Goa's Oldest Community of Fishermen: The Ramponkars

5. Vavurla | A Village Hidden in Mist (2018)

A film by Shabaaz Muzawar & ZohriQ Production

A glimpse into the village of Vavurla & the everyday lives of its inhabitants. Located within Goa interiors and the misty hill stations between Quepem and Canacona, this short film "was not just a project to get grades but also an experience and an adventure that taught us a lot about the place, people, culture."

You can watch the full 21 minute documentary here.


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