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SALT | A short film by Verdant Acharya

Alchemy of the ocean, sun and man.

Goa was a chief exporter of salt in the Asian market in 1855, having 36 villages involved in the production of salt. Today, less than 9 villages continue this practice, mainly because of the low profits against all the blood, sweat and tears.

Praveen Bagli, one of the farmers of Agarvado, Siolim, who grew up in the salt pans learning the art from his father, continues to harvest salt on a daily basis with the help of his wife and sister-in-law despite of all the shortcomings.

Out of all the times I spent with this family for this project, never did anyone talk or complained about the weight of white they carry.

All that mattered to Praveen was that this is a practice continued from generations and he feels its his responsibility to continue it for as long as he can. 

19 year old born and bought up in Bombay, currently pursuing photography and film making at The One School Goa which I joined right after my 12th grade in science, somehow getting away from a conventional career in engineering.

Dedicated to one of the last families continuing the old traditional occupation of Goa, salt farming.

Film & words by Vedant Acharya


Vedant Acharya

"I started shooting and editing films in 2018 when it was introduced to us at our college. I had done one more film on The Goa Carnival, so this is just a humble beginning in exploring what can be done as a one man crew with a DSLR and I plan on doing more of this kind of short documentary films.

I think some of these traditional occupations in Goa have taken a slow decline with low income and profits against all the intense labour work. A small attempt from my side to try and preserve this heritage of Goa and India for the years and generations to come."

You can find more of Vedant's photography work on Instagram @vedant_acharya


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