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Tales of the great Goan Pilots, told by two artists

Despite two very different mediums, graphic artist Praveen Yarramilli & photographer / videographer Rahul Nair do have one thing that's very much in common. They are both brilliant visual storytellers, each with a unique take on the everyday essence of Goan life.

With one aspect in particular they've both taken a moment to pay tribute to, the Pilots. Goa's renowned motorbike taxis.

Select work from Praveen Yarramilli's 'Goa on the Surface' series.

This illustration is perfect. With its retro / vintage aesthetic & modern digital technique, it somehow captures the character and timelessness of the classic Goan taxi bike driver to a T.

Rahul Nair's 'Pilots of Goa'

We also love love love this video! From the way it was filmed & edited, to the music and honest perspective he's chosen to share. It's great and we can't wait to see more.


Here's a bit more info on both of these talented Goa based artists:

Praveen Yarramilli

Praveen is a Mapusa based artist, born in the eastern coastal town of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. You can find out more about him in our 'Postcards from Goa' article here, where we highlight more of Praveen's work and a bit of insight into his life!

You can also purchase Praveen's work here:

Kulture Shop Bio & Online Shop:

Art & Found Online Shop:

And follow him here:

Instagram: @yarramilli

Facebook: @yarramilli

Rahul Nair

Rahul is a wicked Keralite born, Bombay raised, Goa based photographer with a keen eye for the often overlooked. And while he has only dabbled into two short films thus far, we have a feeling this is just the beginning of great things to come.

You can find the rest of his work and a whole lot more stories here:

Instagram @rahulnaayar


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