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Give for Goa | Relief kitchens helping feed Goa's most vulnerable people

Give For Goa is a charitable group of young Goans that are committed to doing their part to feed crisis stricken families and individuals.

"We believe that every human life is important and everyone deserves access to basic nourishment especially in times like these.

Our group is small but ready to take on the challenge of feeding as many people as we can. By coordinating with relief kitchens and local volunteers our goal is to make sure nutritious cooked meals get to the right people at the right time."

Give for Goa needs donations to ensure their relief kitchens can continue to distribute the food required to help those in need.

On account of the COVID-19 lockdown, many people are in urgent need of cooked food. There are people living alone and people who have limited or no resources to buy supplies. Give for Goa is giving out free food with your help to various villages in North Goa to feed those that are hungry.


Give for Goa is accepting donations in the form of online payments. Find their bank details and google pay numbers below:

A/C No: 019800101030549

Account Holder Name: Rolino Manuel DeSouza

IFSC code: CORP0000198

Google Pay Number: +91 9930801993

For more information visit:

Instagram: @giveforgoa

Give for Goa Co-ordinators:

Chrys Dsouza: +91 9822918618

Saul Sanches: +91 9309516278

Rolino Desouza: +91 9930801993 

We're all in this together, you're help will be very much appreciated!


All information & imagery kindly provided by the Give for Goa team.

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