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Missing Goa? Take a virtual trip with these 4 video creators capturing Goa in their own way!

We all need a little escape right now but with so much to choose from on the internet these days, it's easy to get lost in mix when looking for quality original content. Not to mention, you may have already exhausted all of your options by now... Thankfully for us, these 4 creators have been busy producing quality content for all of us to explore! All with a focus on Goa, yet each covering a diverse range of topics spanning from artful to informative, and ensuring a little something for everyone.

So while our outdoor excursions may be limited & our future travel plans utterly non-existent, these 4 Goa Youtube channels & video blogs just might help get you through it!

JumpCut Goa

India's first video zine dedicated entirely to Goa! Explore Goa's food, nightlife, events and everyday activities via JumpCut Goa's short, zippy, light-hearted & well curated video stream. The newly launched platform covers everything from well known festivals such as IFFI, Serendipity Arts Festival & Carnival as well as the state's best after hour street food spots, local drinking holes & sight seeing city walks. All you have to do is watch! Stay up to date on all their work by following @jumpcutgoa on Instagram & Facebook.

"There’s so much happening around us and so many stories that need to be told. We are committed to taking these nuanced stories of Goa out to the world."

The Local Bus

Created in 2018, The Local Bus is a video blog and the passion project of freelance editor & videographer, Geetesh Gawas. A channel that aims to showcase the authentic and golden beauty of Goa through travel related content that follows Geetesh's own experiences as he & his friends sets out to explore their home state. Catch the latest by following @thelocalbus on Instagram.

"I would like people to see what Goa has to offer beyond beaches through my channel. Its landscapes, nature & authentic vibes. Its unique culture, susegad emotions and more. I feel Goa is the perfect place for a filmmaker or artist in me."

Goa Bylane

An extension of Goa-based Film Feni Productions, Goa Bylane is a platform that aims to promote the the hinterlands of Goa through visually captivating & carefully curated stories. Showcasing everything from traditional Goan livelihoods and the state's most celebrated festivals to engaging conversations with well known Goan personalities, Goa Bylane's channel is a great mix of inspiring & informative content. Learn more about their projects by following @goabylane on Instagram & Facebook.

"Goa Bylane reveals to you Goa that is beyond Sun, Sand and Soro (alcohol). A cinematic window through which you can see a Traveller’s Goa."

Kabir Naik

Local storyteller and budding film maker, Kabir Naik's Youtube channel is a unique collection of short documentaries showcasing everything from local snake catchers to Goa's controversial mining history. Each video carrying an important message as Kabir sets out to investigate the backstories of Goa's traditional industries, as well as connect with local experts to address current everyday issues across the state. See what Kabir gets up to next by following @thekabirnaik on Instagram & Twitter @kabir_naik.

"Through my films I want to give even the most rural villages in my state a voice of their own to develop unique human connections. My biggest inspiration to make films on YouTube was American filmmaker and content creator Casey Niestat who inspired me to share raw stories with the world. My long term goal is to represent the unique culture of my state on an international scale."


Like what you see?

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