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Audiophile Goa | A mecca for vinyl and music lovers | Panjim

Audiophiles, today, are on a singular quest for audio perfection – the high-fidelity reproduction of recorded sound, with each strand of an orchestral piece, disentangled, each instrument segregated, and the decay of each note sustained. And the ultimate Holy Grail to that end is Audiophile Goa.

In a world where streaming music seems to be the order of the day, perusing through a record store seems merely like something-from-the-movies, Audiophile Goa strives to revitalise this lost art, by changing the way music is heard and experienced – through vinyl records.

It’s true. The tables have turned and turntables spinning. The analogue format that was once deemed long-gone, is back. India is in the midst of a vinyl renaissance, with Goa catching up! While it may look like a nostalgic attachment to the past or a fashionable trend perpetuated by a growing corpus of music lovers, the vinyl revival is so much more than that. It’s all about the sound. Music lovers argue that vinyl is, in fact, the only way to truly listen to tunes. For those pining for higher-quality acoustic experience, vinyl offers a uniquely rich, warm sound quality that you can’t experience through digital music.

Where is the revolution taking place?

Walking down Goa’s Latin quarter, it’s easy to breeze right past Audiophile Goa. The recessed entrance requires a step in, and if you’re walking too fast, you could miss it but inside this hole in the wall is a paradise for true audiophiles.

You are quickly caught up to speed on the magic of the store. The floors are muted, with the rustic earthy hues engulfing you with a sense of calm. The space is brightly filled wall-to-wall with rows of vinyl, from Black Sabbath to Louis Armstrong, through new and used records.

What else do I need to know?

For the music lover seeking timbral accuracy, higher audio resolution, and ample soundstage, Audiophile Goa stands as a haven of sorts – a one-stop-shop, the first of its kind in Goa – with everything right from cartridges to high-end-cables, and everything in between. With each item specifically handpicked by founder Buland Shukla, Audiophile Goa’s collection features a choice assortment of the finest amplifiers, time-tested turntables, loudspeakers and cables. Importing records and equipment from all over the world, Audiophile Goa is also the sole distributor in the country for certain independent record labels.

Most weeknights there’s an unrelenting buzz, spirited conversation over drinks and a polarising crowd spanning millennials, the middle-aged, and the greying populace. This is a common sight at the Vinyl Club evenings, aptly named “For The Record”. The unmistakable scent of cigarettes and coffee fills the air as does the rich analogue purr of a record being played. Anyone can walk in with their records and put them on or choose from Buland’s vast collection of records. In less than a year since inception, Audiophile has become a de facto community centre of sorts for musicians, artists and the culturally curious. Like all art, to truly enjoy music, an intimate and tangible connection is key. What Audiophile Goa offers, is an experience; standing as a centre of culture as much as commerce.

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