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Azulejos | Goan Tiles

Today’s inspiration comes from one of Goa’s signature architectural styles, tiling.

Hand painted and bright in colour, it is a technique that was first introduced by the Portuguese but which quickly adapted to become something of an entirely Goan characteristic. For it is in those tiny tiles that one continues to tell the stories of a community built centuries ago that somehow still captures all of the effortless charm of Goa today, despite its race to becoming the next cosmopolitan hub.

And apart from admiring the intricate tile work that lines the city’s streets, filling its sidewalks and staircases, there are also a number of small shops and galleries showcasing these little works of art. All of which be found on sale, from the traditional name plaques and border tiles to the more contemporary display pieces and quirky collectables. Making the perfect gift or souvenir from your visits to Goa and easily capturing the charm and elegance of the state’s unique cultural past and distinct Indo-Portuguese colonial architecture.

Below is a list of local shops found around Panjim within which you’ll find a large assortment of tiles in all different styles, shapes and sizes.  And of course cheaper versions can also be found at the countless tourist shops and souvenir stalls strewn throughout any of the towns main shopping streets.  However for something a little more authentic and worth carrying home, we suggest the following:

Terravida Goa | Casa Rocha, Rua 31 de Janeiro, Near Viva Panjim Restaurant, Fontainhas, Panaji, Goa

Marcou Artifacts | Casa Rocha, Rua 31 de Janeiro, Near Viva Panjim Restaurant, Fontainhas, Panaji, Goa

Azulejos De Goa | Zarina Towers, St. Inez, Panjim, Goa | +91 982 2976867 / 985 093 0253

De Goa Ceramics | Almeida Ville, off Braganza Pereira Road, behind Vishal Bldg., St. Inez, Panjim, Goa 403 001 | +91 832 2420812 / 832 2422149

Velha Goa Galleria | House No. 191 Rua de Ourem, Fontainhas, Panjim, Goa | +91 832 2426628

Barefoot | House No. 1/26, 31st January Road, Panjim, Goa | +91 997 0939277 / 832 2436815

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