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Barabor | A stylish co-working space in Betim

Welcome to Barabor, a word meaning 'together' in Konkani, and one of the latest additions to Goa's growing co-working community. Taking up space in Betim, a small fishing village just across the Mandovi river from Panjim, in a beautifully restored ancestral home with the vision "to collectively create a thriving community of entrepreneurs and freelancers, in the pursuit of work-life integration."

We took the opportunity to check the place out on one of their open office days back in April and were very pleased by what we found. A clean, stylish shared office space that is both intimate and profession. It has all the aesthetic charm of your favourite art cafe without the worry that you'll over stay your welcome. All the perks of an established co-working office without the drawbacks of feeling you're in a large institution or campus. For the solo professional or digital nomad looking for a quiet and productive space for a days work in Goa, or for a longer term dedicated desk, it provides the perfect balance between social, and not too social.

The founder, an equally well put together women named Liesel, decided to open the space when looking for an office to house her own wedding planning business, Knotted Up Weddings. The empty family home of her husband seemed the logical option and yet the house seemed far too lar