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Discover the birds of Goa through the lens of Sanat Shirodkar

The Goan monsoons - it's a time of pure magic as the entire state transforms from its dry summer soils to one of abundant greenery and wetlands. That one time of year when nature truly reigns supreme (no pun intended) and reinstates its claim over Goa again. Forcing its human inhabitants to simply sit back and watch as the rain pours down to replenishes the region's diverse ecosystem for another year ahead.

And while the rains certainly do make an effort to cancel them out, the chorus of birds calling out in the morning is by far one of our favourite sounds. The monsoon season simply a kind reminder of just how wild Goa really is.

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Sanat Shirodkar, contributor of today's photo series on the bountiful birds of Goa, is a 19 year old student from the village of Siolim in Goa's northern region of Bardez. And while he may be working towards a career in Computer Engineering at the Agnel Institute of Technology & Design, Assagao, we have a feeling it will only be one of his many successes in life.

Stating photography as a passionate hobby he'll never let go, the following are just a few of the gorgeous images we requested he share. Taken throughout his many walks in the woods, Sanat clearly has a talent not only for photography but also for knowing just where to go to get the shot.

A juvenile Magpie Robbin & Greater Coucal

And like most of those who celebrate nature as their muse, Sanat too has a thing or two to say about the importance of preserving Goa's natural environment.

"Preserving natural habitats has never been so important in the history of humanity and for the sake of humanity. Of course, the growing concrete jungles in Goa are the major contributors to the habitat loss.
If soon, no stringent steps are taken to save wildlife & it's habitat, it would not be long when they will find a place only on the list of extinct species & that would not be all! The extinction of wildlife species will certainly have a fatal impact on human race as well. So, for us as humans, it becomes a great responsibility to save the wildlife, our planet and most importantly, our own selves."

White Heron

Purple-rumped Sunbird (female)

Purple-rumped Sunbird (male)

Green Bee Eater

Wire Tailed Swallow

Common Kingfisher & Vigor's Sunbird

Red Whiskered Bulbul

Chestnut or Cinnamon Bittern

Tailor Bird


Sanat Shirodkar

You'll find more of Sanat's photos on Instagram @sanatshirodkar

A feed full of gorgeous imagery showcasing far more to Goa than its birds alone.

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