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'Carpet of Joy' by MOG | Pilerne

The Museum of Goa, MOG in short, is one of India’s largest art spaces visited by more than 15,000 people in the past year including over 5,000 children. MOG in their effort to get more people involved in art and take art to larger audiences are also pushed forward by ideals of eclipsing cultural differences.

This time, they have come up with a campaign called ‘Carpet of Joy’ aimed at targeting the growing epidemic of littering that is plaguing Goa. The pristine coastlines, lush hills and diverse ecosystem of Goa is slowly eroding with the increase of garbage, be it littering by outsiders on holiday or by our very own brothers and sisters. This project by MOG is to inculcate in children at a very young age the ‘anti-litter’ mentality that will eventually be followed by them as adults and educate future generations.

The Carpet of Joy was inspired by Israeli architect and artist Uri de Beer. The installation will comprise of 3,000 children using discarded plastic bottles will create 150,000 flowers of different colors that will be joined to form a 2,000 square meter carpet rising 12 meters high into the sky with a 9-meter tree rounding out the installation which will show the contrast of toxic and organic.

Uri de Beer has created many such installations with the most famous being in front of the Israeli Parliament in Tel Aviv. He has called this style of creating flowers ‘Plastifora’. The installment will also have a viewing platform created for the viewers to take the ‘Anti-litter Oath’. As soon as a viewer raises his hand on the podium, a voice will say, ‘I shall not litter’.

Since this is a large scale project, MOG is seeking financial support by crowdfunding on Indiegogo. This installation will be set up at the Saligao Field next to the Saligao Circle. The Carpet of Joy will be on display for three months from March to May and will be free to the public.

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