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Coffee Cove | Porvorim

For those looking for the perfect afternoon espresso hunt around Porvorim, Coffee Cove is certainly a strong contender.

Located near the O’Coqueiro Circle in Porvorim, Coffee Cove is literally a cove hidden between the bustling highway traffic in an unassuming building on top of a fast food chicken joint. But then, there is more to it than meets the eye. Coffee Cove boasts of a menu that will touch the hearts of all true coffee lovers. There are the staples – the espresso, cappuccino and the macchiato. And then there is the rarity of the french press, for those times when you want to curl up with your favorite book, and just keep the coffee flowing. It is apart from these regulars that the Coffee Cove Menu starts to become an interesting, and at times, entertaining read. Lattes and Mochas are delivered in an amazing range of flavours – from toffeenut to amaretto to caramel. It really makes you want to come here everyday just to get a taste of them all.

For the cold coffee lovers, there is no dearth of choice either. The good people at Coffee Cove whip up frios – cool flavored beverages with either crushed ice or cream as a base. We know that summer is over, but for those bothersome dry spells which are periodically hitting the land between monsoons, Coffee Cove frios are a great response.

They also have a well stocked food menu with assorted sandwiches, pizzas and pies. Of course, it can be talked about in great lengths, but as a coffee lover, you’ll just be lost within the sights and the smells of the brews that this place has to offer.

Facebook | Location | Chogm Road, Alto Porvorim, Porvorim, North Goa

Hours | Monday to Sunday | 10am – 10pm

Contact | +91 8326528222

Article written by Kaushal Sapre

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