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Come hang out with the Hostel Crowd | Fontainhas

Think Goa, think holiday. The two are synonymous for the Indian traveller, and for many from various parts of the European continent. However, while bearing that in mind, people seldom like to account for hotels in entirety. Goa brings to mind a very quaint mental picture; one of red-oxide, ochre and indigo coloured homes, lined up like pretty maids all in a row. Given the rise of AirBnb’s popularity and the yearning for boutique properties to house oneself in, the demand for these properties has come to the fore. And this is where the concept of the Old Quarter kicks in beautifully.

Old Quarter celebrates the hostel culture, offering peace of mind to those that are concerned of the cost involved with the thought of travel, all the while offering all of the above mentioned, in the sleepy and quintessentially Goan, Latin quarter of #Fontainhas in Panjim.

Completely white-washed, with accentuation that is a perfect blend of graffiti and a throwback to the Portuguese era of the area, the little property is eclectically on par with its European counterparts. One could well be in Lisbon, rated as one of the world’s finest hostel destinations. Once inside, one is immediately greeted by friendly faces that stand behind the counter, always with a smile and happy to help. Old Quarter, apart from a host of living options also has a little café that serves