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A conversation with Clinton Vaz of vRecycle | Goa Podcast | Episode 01

In our first ever Goa podcast episode, we'd like to take you on a ride through the villages of Salcete (a talukas of South Goa surrounding the city of Margao) as we jump into the car to capture a day in the life of one of Goa's most respected waste management specialists.

A conversation with Clinton Vaz, Founder of vRecycle, and exploration into the evolution of waste in Goa. 

Clinton with his wife Emma, compost sales at a local farmers market & members of the vRecycle team outside their Margao industrial estates warehouse

Follow along as Clinton teaches a local family to compost, we take a tour of the vRecycle warehouse, cruise through small village roads and discuss the charms & challenges of doing business in Goa, the ins & outs of waste management, and so much more. 

Listen to Goa - Episode 01 here:

Enjoy the ride & don't be shy to let us know what you think! 

Ps. You can find the mentioned Goa Waste Atlas here!

And for any of you who appreciate a bit more visual insight into all of the work Clinton & the vRecycle team does, be sure to check out the following 8min film by Video Volunteers >>>

Filmed by March 2017 by Video Volunteers

vRecycle team members in & around the warehouse

A big thanks to vRecycle for all that they do!!


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