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  • Luke Sequeira

Cozy Nook | Palolem

If you’re heading to Palolem for some quiet time by the beach, then Cozy Nook is just the place for you to relax and unwind. Possibly the only space left in this stretch that isn’t cluttered and crowded with tourists, you can stumble upon it at the very end of the beach, just before the bay ends.

We stayed in Hut 11, an artistic tastefully decorated 2 level accommodation with all the basic amenities and an upstairs area with chairs and a daybed with a beautiful view to the beach & waters. Each hut overlooks the beach and is individually built from salvaged wood which makes you feel like you could be in Robinson Crusoes guesthouse. Inside the decor is furnished by antique furniture collected from around India.

The best part of this place is that it’s better than an average beach hut on the beach in Goa, but what really works for it, is its location and the ambience of calm. Most other places in Palolem are very cramped and have an almost city like feel while as Cozynook has ample space and a feeling of openess.


Cozy Nook Palolem

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