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CSK Grant Winners to be Announced at MOG | Pilerne

In April 2016, The Museum of Goa (MOG) announced that it would institute a Rs One Lakh Grant in memory of Late Chandrakant Shankar Kerkar, father of Subodh Kerkar, founder of MOG. The Grant was instituted to promote art and Goan visual artists.

Mr. Chandrakant for the major part of his life contributed vastly to the Visual art scene in Goa. He studied art in Bombay under Mr. S. L. Haldankar while he was pursuing a master’s degree in Literature. He has painted over 100 watercolour and oil paintings which chronicle the bygone era of Goa. His collection also includes portraits of national leaders of the Goa assembly. Mr. Chandrakant loved promoting art among the youth and fostering young Goan talent. His son Subodh has carried this forward with the institution of this Grant.

A special Award committee was selected to oversee the selection process for the Grant. The Committee, which consists of two very prominent figures in the art world namely;

  • Mr. Peter Mueller – Director, Gallerie Mueller – Plate, Munich, Germany.

  • Mrs. Els Reijnders – Project Manager of the Art of Making Art Exhibitions, Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands.

  • Meera Menezes – Author and Curator