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#DesignFightsCOVID | Creatives unite to help raise funds for the fight against COVID-19 - Artists' works via

"Design has power. To bring us together, to voice your opinion, to create awareness, to save lives.

During this unprecedented global crisis, the team behind Art&Found unites the global creative community for the fight against Covid-19. We aim to raise funds for the NGOs and non-profits working tirelessly but don’t have access to the power of design."

1) Future by Osheen Siva - Funding Maker’s Asylum - Medical equipment aid

2) Flowers by Manu Ambady - Funding Goonj - Food supplies for daily wagers

The concept is simple:

Each artwork is designed to help raise funds for a verified NGO/non-profit listed in the Charities link.
The artwork will open on a new page with the designer’s name and donation link to the NGO/non-profit it relates to.
Click on the donation link and fund their fight against Covid.

This is a self-funded project.

All the designers are working pro bono and the donations directly fund the NGOs and non-profits.

Design for good. Design for change.

1) Donate, because it’s simple by Vaishali Srinivasan - Funding SEEDS - Community food supplies

2) Together we will by Janvi Tapadiya - Funding The Feline Foundation - Food and care for stray animals 3) Home by Anirban Ghosh - Funding UMEED - Essential supplies for Delhi violence victims

Are you an artist or designer yourself?

Want to get involved and submit an artwork of your own to help raise funds for an NGO in your area?

Learn how to submit your artwork here!

Want to learn more about Art&Found?

Head over to read our interview with Founder Aditya Mehta here!


All information & imagery kindly provided by Art&Found founder, Aditya Mehta.

All artworks are copyright images of the undersigned artists who own the sole rights.

Any commercial use without permission will lead to legal action.

Read Designfightscovid's Terms and Privacy here.

Submit your thoughts here:


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