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First Scuba Dive – The Experience of a Lifetime

Last week, we threw caution to the winds and booked a full course to learn Scuba diving – The PADI Open Water Certification course, through Alien Adventures. Going to Goa was becoming a very boring prospect and an Adventure was what we needed. Our Scuba Diving holiday had all the right ingredients – The Sun, Ze Sand and Da Sea. Into this mixture was thrown the perfect combination of the Sea Breeze, Uber cool dive instructors, the Dive Gear that made us look and feel like the ultimate professional Scuba studmuffins. The Dive shop which we frequented to get our equipment, loading and unloading the boat and of course, the incomparable, bewitching blue sea – and as the song says – The Octopus’s Garden in the shade.

Here below is our experience of the Deep Blue: