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Goa in December : 8 Offbeat things to do in Goa

Goa in December is popular for it’s Christmas and New Year’s eve celebrations which are full of vibrant decors, lip-smacking treats, fireworks and festive lights which add a vibrancy to the city life. Thousands of people visit Goa in December all looking forward to beach parties and weddings. Goa is definitely one of the higher ranked locations where people consider bidding farewell to the last year while looking forward to the next.

Here are a few things you ought to know before flying to Goa this season.

Weather in Goa during December:

December is known to be full of snow and frost around the world but Goa doesn’t belong to that list. The nights in Goa are a little foggy and can get quite cold but the days are as warm as in summer. All the same, don’t forget to get some warm clothes along with your beachwear for those cold evenings. On a positive note, you will still enjoy some amazing beach views in Goa during December; thanks to its tropical weather during the day.

Tourism in Goa during December:

Goa receives maximum footfall in the month of December as it is the start of a dry season in most parts of the world. Many choose Goa as a destination for their winter vacation due to its warmer conditions and lively atmosphere. That being the case, it would be better to book your accommodation well in advance due to the outpour of tourists. 

Here’s a list of offbeat things to do in Goa during December:

8. Witness a traditional Goan Catholic wedding

The wedding season in Goa peaks in December. People from different parts of the country plan their nuptials well in advance to get a venue within the tiny state. A traditional Goan wedding is very different from the rituals followed elsewhere. One such interesting ritual is called the ‘Ros’, where the friends and cousins of the bride and groom gather and douse the to be married couple in coconut milk.

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7. Take part in the Church feasts and fairs of Goa

Following the famous St.Xavier’s feast on Dec 3 at Old Goa, the feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception at Panjim is next in line. It takes place every year on the 8thof December. According to the Catholic faith, the feast celebrates the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is preceded by novenas for nine days. The huge church that towers over the city is lit up beautifully in the evenings of the feast. There’s a street fair surrounding the Church with stalls selling garments, household items, crockery, handicrafts, sweets all in one place.

6. Catch a glimpse of Olive Ridleys at the beaches of Canacona

December is the perfect time for nature lovers to catch a glimpse of the olive Ridley turtles hatchlings on the shores of Agonda and Galgibaga in the Canacona Taluka of Goa. Turtle conservation on Galgibaga beach, began in 1999, due to the efforts of the then parish priest of Galgibaga church to protect these little ones. With the help of some locals, he had succeeded in locating about 33 turtle nests, the highest since 1999 till date. Participating in such a cause is something every environmentalist should be interested in.

Photo credit: Atlantis Water Sports

5. Shake a leg at Christmas Ballrooms

One of the many attractions in Goa during the season of Santa are the Christmas Ballroom dances that take place throughout the state. One of the most popular ones is the Annual Christmas Party at Quinta De Valdares in South Goa. Some other noteworthy spots to get your groove on and bogey are the Emerald Lawns and Alva Mar in Parra or the Woodburne Hall in Nuvem. If dancing isn’t your thing, fear not! Goa also has an array of week-long dance workshops by different dance groups to get you out there and dance your heart out.

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4. Attend the colourful Serendipity Arts festival in Panjim

This month, Goa is getting you the best of art from different disclipines under one roof. So if you’re an art lover, you are in for a treat here in Goa during December. The Serendipity Arts festival 2018 will bring together various painters, photographers, dancers & every other possible form of artists for a span of 8 days from 15th to the 22nd of December. Despite being just 2 years in the running, it has rapidly emerged as one of the premier cultural showcases of India. So don’t miss this melange of visual, performing and culinary arts curated by the industry experts around the world.

Photo credit: Kevin Pinto

3. Go Crib hopping around Goa

When you think of Christmas preparations, making a crib is definitely on the to-do list. Families have their traditional cribs displayed for all to see, many others some up with novel ideas and themes to showcase their creativity. Look out for the State level Crib making Competition that the Department of Art & Culture Govt. of Goa organizes every Christmas, you will find the most creative ones competing with each other.

Photo credit: Joe Goa UK

2. Observe the Liberation Day Parade at Campal Ground

55 years since Goa’s liberation, December 19th is celebrated to honour the efforts of several freedom fighters from Goa along with the Indian Navy, which brought an end to the Portuguese colonial rule in 1961. The celebration features a torch light procession from three different locations of Goa and ultimately meeting at the Campal Ground, in Panjim. The participants of the procession then pay their tribute to the Martyrs with a spectacular parade display.

1. Go Hippie at the Saturday Night Market Goa

It’s time to ditch the shopping malls & boutique stores and throng Goa’s very own Saturday Night Market. This Flea Market is a weekly happening on the bustling sands of Arpora, Goa. From funky jewelry and hippie garments to fashionable ensemble and antique show pieces, this Saturday Night Market in Goa has an eclectic spread of goodies from every corner of the world. The whole market is only an evening affair which starts at around 7 pm and goes on till 3-4 am. Make sure you don’t the live performances by International bands & fire dancers who take the Centre Stage after 10 pm.

Photo credit: Annakhvalina

Found these interesting? Let us know what you’re doing this month with a comment below. We might be able to add your inputs to our list for 2018. We are all ears!

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