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Hidden Gourmet | Patnem

Like all special places in Goa, Hidden Gourmet in Patnem is not the easiest to find. It is tucked away at the northern end of Patnem’s soft sands. To get there you need to take a sinuous path off the beach which weaves behind Magic View Restaurant, family homes including a traverse of someone’s patio.

When you arrive at the Hidden Gourmet, you find something beautiful, an expansive terrace with an exquisite view on the beach. Sitting on the terrace away from the beachside bustle and sipping on a cocktail or fresh juice involuntary induces a sense of calm as the sound of waves gently clatter on the black glistening rocks just metres away.

The current proprietor Petar has been working at the Hidden Gourmet with it’s previous owner Patrick, a Swiss-trained sous-chef, for the last four seasons. This year he has been handed the reins. Petar, who met Patrick in Switzerland, is committed to his guests, and since opening at the end of November he has been fine-tuning the kitchen and coaching his staff. It is evident he wants his guests not just to enjoy the stay but have a great experience.

Food at Hidden Gourmet

The restaurant offers a varied fusion of cuisine; fresh seafood, buffalo steak and many vegetarian choices. All the dishes have been designed and perfected by Patrick over his tenure.

For dinner Petar suggested a selection of his favourites. As a starter we were served ceviche made from prawns and fish which sparked the tastebuds with a tangy punch.

The main composed Cambodian Amok, which is minced white fish steamed in a banana leaf, and a tender fillet of buffalo steak with a creamy pepper mustard sauce. Both were cooked to perfection.

Staying at Hidden Gourmet

What makes Hidden Gourmet a little different is that it offers rooms not only for couples but also families or larger groups.

There are two large elevated boutique-style bungalows made from dark hardwood which cater for couples. The bungalows are spacious with an outside bathroom and patio. Having a shower under the stars and swaying palm trees is an experience on its own. The kingsize bed is “Indian firm” and adorned with a blue and purple silk duvet that matches with the silk curtains.

Upon stirring from your slumber in the morning you are greeted by a lavish vista of milky sunshine touching the beautiful Bougainvillea  flowers and the blue ocean beyond, all pleasantly capped off with clatter of waves on stony shore just metres away.

Hidden Gourmet is a great place to enjoy Patnem Beach while being able to retreat to an intimate hide away and enjoy the internationally inspired cuisine.

For bookings and other information call Petar on +91 99-23-686185.

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