• sonja@goa

Thank goodness they deliver! Our favourite Goa restaurants now available from home!

Two months of lockdown has indeed changed the way we eat in Goa. As a hospitality hotspot, it's safe to say we do restaurants well. Not to mention with such an endless array of options, even those of us who live here full time tend to eat out more often than we do in. So when the lockdown was announced and restaurants all across the state were forced to shut down, I think we can all relate to that initial itch at the thought of cooking every meal for ourselves. Until we all became aspiring home chefs that is...

You can learn more about why we believe it is instrumental we support our local businesses at this time in this insightful article by Aishwarya Shah: Dining out to Delivery: surviving the pandemic with Goa's restaurant industry

So as things slowly start to open up again, we're compiling a list of all our favourite eateries in Goa to make it that much easier for you to navigate this new norm and in turn help keep these businesses alive. Because fact of the matter is, they need your orders more than ever right now not just to stay a float & pay their own employees but sustain Goa's food economy as a whole!

Delivery options in & around Panjim