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Homegrown Goa | Photos & words by Rahul D'Souza

"Growing up in Goa is like a dream, many people in India would love to have.

From the beaches to the streets, to the village life and travelling in the local buses headed down to the famous Friday market in Mapusa, a place that my mom would always take me to. Growing up in Goa reminds me of the time I used to run down into the jungles to pluck mangoes and cashew and shake the branches of Jambuls and narrowly escape from being caught by the locals. To eating dried bombil and smoked para in the monsoons, and fishing and ending up catching only water snakes. And when the day turned into night, I would head out on my scooter / cycle with my friends or alone to the lighthouse to stare at the million stars in sky."

Fast forward to today...