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Jamboree Creek | Ashwem

Found on the Goan coast just north of Ashwem, Jamboree Creek is the perfect getaway. The owner, Priyanka, partnered with a Dutch-Indian design couple Ridha & Simrit, and together they cultivated the fertile land into a beautiful coastal dwelling.

Priyanka is a smart twenty something who was never destined for the 9-5 rat race, in fact she quit her first graduate job to start a restaurant. When this first venture ended up closing down; a soul searching trip to Kashmir brought her back to Goa and Jamboree Creek. Back then it was 2013 and surrounded by thousands of fire flies and ten worn out cabins the vision began of what we see today and it’s stunning.

The cabin dwellings are laid out either side of a path, surrounded by flowers and fruit (used for juices in the kitchen); it’s like a mini street, and it’s easy to find yourself chatting to the neighbours out on the porch. Follow the terraced steps of the landscape down and find the pool, which has a lovely wooden boarder and a raised island with plants growing in the middle.

Go further still down to the seated area, and relax on the chaise lounge and listen to the Indian Ocean. (Ps there is access to a private beach…Shhh!)

These are next to the yoga hall, a calm open-sided space where currently there is daily Yoga and Capoeira. Jamboree Creek is an ideal location for group retreats. Book the whole week and have the kitchen cater to your needs.

The garden is both beautiful and edible and many of the juices and cooking ingredients come from right outside your door. Permaculture is at the heart of the design.

The cabins are minimal and cool in their design which gives them a modern feel. The four post double bed is comfortable with hotel quality sheets and covers and the mattress is really comfortable.

The en-suite is totally original; a curved and super spacious wet room. There is a glamping quality to the style: bamboo towel rails, a luxury shower head with hot water, and the best bit is that it’s open air; only an insect net between you and the sky.

Every year the monsoon acts as a change agent and the garden renews and Priyanka will retreat to think up new ideas. Volunteers come to work and teach in exchange for a place to stay; this brings life to the program and no two stays will be the same. This year there are new bird boxes and a tepee being built; next year you will get to see watermelon creepers flowering into vibrant colours.

Visit Jamboree Creek once and you will have an amazing stay, come back and you will be greatly rewarded.


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