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Kapriz – Fusion Tapas Goan Style | Anjuna

Kapriz is a cosy place located in Anjuna away from all the hustle and bustle usually associated with the north. The cool ambiance, the rustic setup of the place and the 80s music instantly transports you to the golden ages gone by. The brainchild of Kenneth also called ‘Kenny The Singing Chef’, Kapriz presents a simplistic and casual array of culinary fusion Tapas with a hint of Indian flavours to it.

Kenny has over the years experimented and spent countless hours in the kitchen to whip up a delicate balance between contemporary Tapas and Indian spices, the result of which is a mouth watering and innovative cuisine.

The Food

The starters are served on the concept of ‘whet plates’ that stimulates your appetite. The Prawn Shooters is a shrimp dish with dipping sauce served in shooter glasses that allow you to gulp down the entire serving as quickly as possible. Don't forget to dip the shrimp in the sauce, it’s eerily lip smacking good.

The Amuse Bouche is a very unassuming dish that you make the mistake of brushing aside when it is presented to you. It’s the shell of a pani puri filled with a green sauce and topped with a shrimp.

Though the moment you pop one of those in your mouth, be ready to be blow away. The crunchiness of the puri combined with the tanginess of the sauce and the smooth war texture of the shrimp produce a rainbow of flavours inside your mouth making you sit up and take notice.

Another noteworthy starter is the Chorizo Samosa which is basically a samosa stuffed with Goan sausages instead of vegetables. An ideal snack to munch on while you sip your feni and make conversation with your friends. It cant get more Goan than this.

The Chef’s special is the Kenny’s Special Texas Chicken Wings. The spicy sauce is Kenny’s play on the original Texas sauce with hint of goan spices in it. This is a must try for those on the search for the ultimate chicken wings. Fish fingers were also on the menu.

“Eat your vegetables!” We would hear our mothers say growing up. The Loft Kebabs and Jungle Potatoes are tasty vegetable starters that also provide the daily dose of vitamins.

For the main course, as if we were not stuffed already, the Honey Pepper Beef Steak, Prawn with Vindaloo sauce and Kashmir Pesto provided the perfect finish to a sumptuous meal.

And no meal is truly complete without leaving a sweetness in your mouth and the Royal Mousse did just that.

Fun everyday all week long

Kapriz is not just your weekend getaway. There is something interesting happening through the week. The Tuesday Tapas is where one can order a combination of tapas for a fixed rate per head. A good offering for those who can never make up their mind when give too many choices.

On Fusion Fridays, Kenny creates a new menu every week where he presents Goan flavours mezze style. From the fry pan to your plate or more precisely from the ‘Live Grill’ to your stomach, is an innovative concept where you can order anything off the menu and watch it being cooked right in front of you in the live kitchen. The Grill is set into the wall, with a blackboard detailing the specials or the catch of the day. One can have your fill of delicious barbecued chicken, volcano ribs, steaks, sautéed prawns and lots more.

Enjoy your scrumptious meal whilst listening to all your favourite songs from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with live music performance by Desmond Taylor, every Tuesday & Thursday. Towards the end of the night you may get to hear Kenny himself sing a song or two from the brat pack era. His skills in the kitchen and his amazing voice has earned him the nickname of The Singing Chef in the food circles here in Goa.

Final Verdict

Kapriz is the one place that will keep you wanting more. The amazing and innovative dishes along with the quaint and peaceful settings provides the perfect setting for your evening soiree or afternoon meals. Kenny is a delight to talk to. He will tell you all his recipes and the story behind their inception. And to top it off, keeps you entertained with his amazing singing. We couldn’t enough of the place the first time and are going to visit the place again and again and…

Kapriz Restaurant

Location | Casa Esmeralda, Gaumm Wadi, Anjuna, Bardez, Goa Facebook | Hours | Monday to Sunday 12 - 11pm

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