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Rejuvenate at Khaama Kethna Holistic Wellbeing Retreat Centre

Are you tired of leading a hectic life that zaps the energy out of you? Well, here’s a solution that will get you feeling fresh and rejuvenated in both, body and mind. The Khaama Kethna Holistic Wellbeing Retreat Centre provides people with the chance to get away from the humdrum of regular life and soak in some tranquillity and peace. Could anything be better?

In today’s day and age, with everything moving at a super-fast pace, the time to stop and catch up on some R&R is just impossible to find. However, running through life without a break can also be quite tiresome. This is where Khaama Kethna comes in.

A wholesome retreat experience

Leaving behind a trail of peace and rejuvenation, the Khaama Kethna Retreat centre has been bringing about a major change in the lives of people for the last four years. Irrespective of whether you are a businessman, a celebrity or merely a writer looking for a quiet space to get inspired, this retreat centre creates and organizes retreats that are suited to the needs of all kinds of people.

Even if it is the windy monsoons that are dampening your mood back home, hop into a car and get to the Khaama Kethna centre as they are open for retreats round the clock, every day of the year. Located in the jungles of South Goa, you find yourself right in the midst of nature and its bounty thus providing a very appealing alternative to the other populated locations across the state. At the Khaama Kethna Centre, nature lovers, people trying to connect with their spiritual self, health-conscious people, yoga practitioners, art and craft enthusiasts – all find a place here.

That’s not all….

Apart from being a centre that promotes ecological living, this centre also provides visitors with classes in yoga and meditation along with conducting workshops and retreats like the ‘Jungle Silent Stillness Retreat’ to give people a taste of something that is unique to life in the midst of nature, but is far away from the bustle of city life. Of course, people who are interested in conducting the workshops, joining the team, taking classes are provided more than a warm welcome.

The range of foods available

If you thought that was all this retreat centre had to offer, you thought wrong. Having their very own in-house vegan and vegetarian restaurant, visitors get to indulge their palettes in a unique fusion of Goan dishes, prepared in healthy ways.

Top up the sumptuous food with some amazing gardens to wander around, an art and pottery centre, nature-friendly treehouses, huts for accommodation, three yoga and activity shalas, and you will not regret running away from daily life for a dose of this. With the lush green forest surrounding the venue, there is no doubt that you will enjoy a day of rest, relaxation and a sense of being immersed in nature – a feeling that is hard to find in cities.

Who can visit?

Luckily for you, you certainly can. No matter who you are, what you do, or your date of birth, you are free to visit and sign up for workshops or organise retreats and weekly classes that people can benefit from. After all, blessed with ample space to make you feel free and relaxed, the only thing needed to kick things off to better heights is the right people to revel in everything being offered.

Khaama Kethna Holistic Wellbeing Retreat Centre

Contact | +91 8322647958 / +91 7798872378


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