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Kombucha in Goa | Find your favourite fermenter

Where to find your fix of this healthy, fermented iced tea

Joanna Lobo

Tasty, with a side of gut health. It could very well be the tagline for kombucha, the mildly effervescent fermented black or green tea that’s become the newest wellness trend.

Goans, it appears, love kombucha. They are making it, they are drinking it and they are selling it. Kombucha can be found on supermarket shelves, general stores, restaurants and cafes. There are subscription services available for those who need their daily or weekly fix. There’s even a restaurant dedicated to it: The Coffee and Kombucha Bar in Anjuna.

“We were taken aback by the response to our kombucha,” says Aditya Ishan Varshnei, who started Borécha with his brother Anish last year and now, retail across the state. “There’s a huge shift in consumption patterns, spending power and people care about what they put in their body. Social media teaches you a lot. They want to experience what people consuming in other countries. It has become a trend product. It is not just healthy, it’s also fun.”

Interestingly, for a new health trend, this drink has been around for years. Its origins are contentious: some trace back to China in 220 BCE during the Tsin Dynasty where it was popular for its healing properties whereas other stories place its origin in East Russia. The name comes from the Japanese kombucha, which is technically a tea made with kelp, but was