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Mandala Cafe | Agonda

Cafe | Restaurant | Vegan | Gluten Free | Dairy Free

Sister location to Palolem's ever popular Little World, this quirky veg/vegan cafe is the perfect place to while away the day, surrounded by colourful creative decor and the never ending temptation to order every possible item on the menu.

all photos via: Mandala Cafe's facebook & instagram pages

Our favourites included the Tofu Scramble with side salad + a slice of homemade brown bread, the Avocado Smoothie Bowl, and Raw Chocolate Cheesecake. Their coffee was rich and delicious and their chai, like Little World, perfection.

Mandala Cafe can be found in the small lane next to Dinesh's Bar & Restaurant, just off the main street left of the church heading south through Agonda.

Instagram | @mandalacafeagonda

Facebook | @mandalacafeagondabeach

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