• sonja@goa

Mario Miranda | Panjim Gallery

They always say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about an illustration?

Well when it comes to the iconic Goan cartoonist, Mario Miranda, we’re pretty sure the saying still stands. Perhaps even falling a little short. For it could easily be said that Mario’s signature style and remarkable depictions of Goan life have in a sense put this humble little state on the map. Or else in the very least given global definition to its one of a kind culture, an intoxicating mix of India’s flavours, Portugal’s colours and a whole lot of local personality.

Having had no formal training in the arts, beginning his career as a cartoonist at several news publications including the Times of India in 1953, Mario has since become one of India’s most well recognized illustrators. Today you’ll find reference to the legendary artist’s work scattered throughout the country, as an integral part of countless Goan inspired venues and the core element of Mumbai’s famous Mondegar Cafe. And with there being several galleries dedicated solely to his work right here in Goa, it’s become even easier to get your hands on a little piece of the magic these days. From a quick sketch or a small cartoon to a full portrait and intricate landscape of country life, there is really nothing quite like a Mario Miranda to sum up an experience in Goa.