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May in Goa: Where to go and What to do?

Tourism can be little weary in Goa during May due to the seasonal closings and undoubtedly, its weather! For there’s a silver lining to every cloud and there’s a serene beach and exciting happenings for everyone who comes to Goa during Summer.

Here are some of the things which you can look forward to if you’re planning to spend your summer vacations in Goa.

Weather Conditions in Goa during May

The month of May is the hottest in Goa but the sea breeze offers solace to the heat. The maximum temperature may even reach up to 38°C during Sun’s peak time. But do not let this heat take off your beach time in Goa. This might be the only time you get to enjoy the sun and sand before the monsoons set in. So, try to make the most of your May by spending your sunrises and sunsets by the beach. Many believe that for shore diving and sailing the sea in May is nicer than at any other time of year. But, know the difference when we say make the most of the this – Do not get yourself sunburnt by venturing out during the noon time. Stick to dawn and dusk by the water and afternoons for a nice Goan “Susegaado” siesta.

Off-season calls for a major drop in Prices

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