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May in Goa: Where to go and What to do?

Tourism can be little weary in Goa during May due to the seasonal closings and undoubtedly, its weather! For there’s a silver lining to every cloud and there’s a serene beach and exciting happenings for everyone who comes to Goa during Summer.

Here are some of the things which you can look forward to if you’re planning to spend your summer vacations in Goa.

Weather Conditions in Goa during May

The month of May is the hottest in Goa but the sea breeze offers solace to the heat. The maximum temperature may even reach up to 38°C during Sun’s peak time. But do not let this heat take off your beach time in Goa. This might be the only time you get to enjoy the sun and sand before the monsoons set in. So, try to make the most of your May by spending your sunrises and sunsets by the beach. Many believe that for shore diving and sailing the sea in May is nicer than at any other time of year. But, know the difference when we say make the most of the this – Do not get yourself sunburnt by venturing out during the noon time. Stick to dawn and dusk by the water and afternoons for a nice Goan “Susegaado” siesta.

Off-season calls for a major drop in Prices

As tourist footfalls drastically fall down during May, now is the time to make use of the opportunities like crowd-free beaches, vacant hotels, cheap bike & car rental services and so much more.  With the International Charter Flights too taking off one by one, foreign tourists would have made back home by now. But you get to socialise with those foreigners residing in Goa who can help you out in exploring Goa in a totally different way. Shacks and shops along the lanes leading to the beaches start winding up for the season by introducing their end of season sales. A hint of goodness from this can be that the products are mostly sold for one-fourth of the price, just to clear up the stocks.

Goa in May – The Hot & Happening

Foam Party 5.0 in Candolim, Goa 

Sinq NightClub is back with one of the best Summer parties in Goa. It’s time to cool off the heat by diving into the pool with your buddies while dancing along to the swanky tunes. The FOAMed up pool adds on to a crazy summer vibe, making this one more than just a normal pool party in Goa. Guests will have access to the pool and cabanas, where they can have fun while savouring delicious quick bites and delightful cocktails. The entry starts at 12 noon, but the party will begin at 4 pm and go on until wee hours of the morning. For Ticket and Cabana Bookings, check this page out.

Robo Uno Workshop for Kids in Panjim, Goa

Got a young cousin or a budding scientist playing around with batteries at your home during summer? Robo Uno is a level one workshop on Robotics and Home Automation using the ‘Arduino’ Microcontroller, an extremely versatile controller board that is popularly used among engineers, researchers, hobbyists, artists and many other professionals for their automation and computational needs. In this workshop, you can learn right from the basics of electronics and programming which are the fundamental blocks to building Robots of the Future!

The workshop will be conducted from 15th to 18th May 2018 from 10 a.m to 5 p.m each day at the AV Hall of Don Bosco High School Panjim. Any student from standard 6th to the 10th is eligible to attend this workshop. The 4-day workshop costs Rs. 4975/- which includes the take-home robotics kit with components like Arduino microcontroller board, Sensors, LED’s, Actuators, Robot Body & Basic electronic devices.

Weekly Screenings at Cinephile Film Club Goa

Movies have been and still are a source of inspiration for many. They have the power to challenge our limits, push our understanding and invoke powerful emotions. The Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) revived its Cinephile Film Club last year, which holds weekly screenings of critically acclaimed films for the public. The best part? You just have to pay a one-time registration fee of Rs.1000/- to become a cinephile member (Rs.500 for a student) after which, all the screenings are free. Otherwise, you can still pay Rs. 100 for each screening and avail the same. These screenings usually take place every Thursday at Maquinez Palace at 6:30 pm. For more details, stay tuned to ESG’s Instagram page.

Season to Celebrate the Summer Fruits

They say money can’t buy happiness, but have you ever seen someone eating a mango sad. In Goa you’ll find the heavenly Mankurad mangoes – The real Goan Mango. Heaps of all varieties of Mango have already started making their way through the local markets as well as the shelves of Hypermarts.

Apart from the king, May month marks the peak season of many more local fruits in Goa. How about Jamuns (Jambolan)? The perfect mixture of sweet and sour packed into a tiny fruit teases your tongue and makes you keep asking for more.

Or what about our very own Kokum fruit too? Go to any Goan household during summer and you’ll get offered a cool glass of Kokum Sherbet as a welcome drink. Now you know how we Goans always stay cool despite it being so hot here.

Thank God for such a huge variety of summer fruits. A summer without these tasty, juicy summer fruits would have been like Santa Clause without gifts. Go back Santa.

Finding the Best Accomodation to Spend May in Goa

By the month of May, most of the beach shacks and hotels are already shut. And the rates of the remaining ones that are still open are dirt cheap as they are nearing their season closing. Although we agree about the weather that May is super hot and humid. On the bright side it’s also less crazy and crowded like season time. Which means, you can pick a place of your choice and shouldn’t have a problem in finding a stay without any hassle. 

Our recommends would be a beach side villa or even cottages around Agonda, Palolem or Ashwem Beach. If you’re not a water baby, Go for a plush resort with a Spa in North Goa to have a rejuvenating time or just hire a tourist home if you’re just gonna be outside exploring places and partying hard. You might not have to worry about the prices during this time as the rooms are quite reasonable as compared to how expensive they become during the tourist season. Say for instance, you can easily find a 2 / 3 BHK fully furnished available for a daily rent of just INR 800-1000.

And of course, For all those solo travellers, look no further, head over to the Hostel Crowd’s amazing shared accommodation at different cities within Goa. However, we suggest you to go for the Hostel Crowd: Old Quarter in Fontainhas. It’s right in the centre of Panjim city with easy access to majority of the hotspots in Goa. They also help you rent a bicycle to go on cycling tours around the hinterlands of Altinho and many other locales that are worth your time and efforts.

Want any other personalised help or tips for sightseeing in Goa, simply drop a message on our facebook page or even better DM us on instagram to receive instant replies with the best suggestions you can get about Goa. Till then, Happy tripping!

Featured Image by Ashley Malar


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