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MOG, the Museum of Goa | Pilerne

The Museum of Goa or MOG, which means love in Konkani, is Subodh Kerkar’s personal project. I had the privilege of visiting this museum a week before the formal inauguration and during that visit, interacted with Kerkar, the Founder Director of the museum.

Located in the Pilerne Industrial Estate in North Goa, it is an unlikely location for a museum of art; in the middle of the dusty, steely grey industrial area. But the moment you walk into the museum site, you are transported into a different world, one of landscaped gardens and eclectic artwork.

A series of blue sculptures, that seemingly pop up from the Earth, have been placed along the pathway to help the visitors find their way. These mermaids act as a guide and lead visitors to the museum entrance and also mark the nearby junctions.