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Monsoon Morning Inspiration

Nothing beats an early morning after the rains, especially in Goa come the monsoons.

The joys of waking up and feeling the fresh morning air before the heat of the day returns to send it on its way. The brief period of time before the sun has dried up all the roads and the previous nights fall can still be seen glistening across vibrant village fields. The subtle sound of water dripping from tin roofs and overhanging trees, forming countless little puddles in their wake.

There is something so inspiring about Goa this time of year.  Something we found even more so when captured through the eyes of young photographer Saurabh S. Shirodkar. The 17 year old local recently came under our radar after we first noticed one of his images featured in this month’s issue of Planet Goa.  And much like them, we can see a very bright future ahead for this homegrown talent. Beautifully capturing the slightly gloomier side to this sunshine state in the following four photos and all the while reinforcing exactly why the rains can at times be even more appealing than a crystal clear blue sky. Making the perfect Monday morning mood board.

All photos courtesy of Saurabh S. Shirodkar

This article was originally published June 9th, 2014

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