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Music retreats & events in Goa this March

We love the trend we're seeing as more and more initiatives pop up all across Goa with a heightened focus towards experience-based travel & travel-based learning. And while we may have pegged December as the best month to visit Goa as an artist, it would appear that in 2020, the month of March is all about music.

So whether it's a weekend of live events you're looking to enjoy or rather an opportunity to perform & learn new musical skills for yourself, there has never been a better time to visit Goa than now!

Music events, retreats & workshops in Goa this March

Ableton Music Creation Retreat @ Vaayu

Dates: March 2nd to 6th

Location: Vaayu Village, Ashwem Beach,

North Goa

Dive into music creation at Vaayu this season & immerse yourself in an environment that nourishes & inspires you to go deep into the process. Learn the skills and techniques to produce your own music from start to finish in Ableton, and then rebuild it fluidly for live performances. Learn more here!

Goa Jazz Academy Workshop & Concert

Shubh Saran & Adam Neely’s Sungazer

Dates: 4th March 2020 Workshop 5-7pm Concert 7-9pm Location: No. 730 St Anton Vaddo,

Guirim, North Goa

Book your tickets at:

Inbetween Gathering

Dates: March 7th to 8th

Location: Anahata Retreat, Ashwem, Goa

Inbetween Music Sessions | Knowledge Sharing

Artists Showcase | Creators market | Healing

Inbetween is a festival that aims to bring people together & indulge in experimental sonic experiences.

Get a glimpse of last year here!

Music of the Tropics x Ukulele


Dates: March 7th to 11th

Location: Blue Lotus, Ucassiam, North Goa

This five-day edition of The Blank Collective has been curated to help you become your very own star. Learn the basics and the specifics of understanding music, playing the Ukulele, and writing songs in the exclusive masterclass of an actual music producer. Sign up here!

Suraj Pinge & Group @ TEDxPanaji 2020

Dates: March 8th

Location: Kala Academy, Panjim

Known as a platform for innovative & inspiring talks, did you know that TEDxPanaji also plays hosts to some pretty incredible performances & live music events? Not to be missed as this year's lineup is sure to impress!!

Find regular live music events in Goa this March

The Live Music Project

The Live Music Project is a dedicated platform that presents bands & music of every genre from India and around the world. Founders Vinesh Iyer & Darryl Noronha have been passionately driving this platform with a vision to support emerging and established musicians.

Best to follow TLMP on Facebook to get the latest updates on their upcoming music events in venues across North & South Goa.

Songs from the Attic

A collective of musicians, writers, designers and visual artists set out to bring you the music they love, in breathtaking spaces.

Follow them on Facebook for all the latest updates on upcoming events hosted at Hideaway Bar & Restaurant in Vagator.

Plus, apply now for the Goa Jazz Ensemble Scholarship 2020!!


AUDITIONS: 15Th March 2020 @ The Goa Jazz Academy

Download the brochure: HERE 

Registration form: HERE

For more information & updates on events worth attending in Goa this month, be sure to check out our events page here!

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