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Mustard | Restaurant - Sangolda

Restaurant Review | Where East and West Collide

Mustard, a quaint little restaurant off the Sangolda main road towards Saligao, boasts one of the most fascinating cuisine combinations in the land, French and Bengali. The brainchild of Poonam Singh and Shilpa Sharma, both of whom have successful hospitality careers, they set their sights on giving life to their long time passion of providing a unique culinary experience in the form of Mustard.

The menu, curated by Chef Gregory Bazire (French Menu) and food historian Pritha Sen (Bengali Menu) is in good hands with Head Chef Abhimanyu running both kitchens. Trained in Seychelles and of Bengali origin, Chef Abhimanyu has the necessary skill and expertise to retain the authenticity of each dish.

The Place

As soon as you enter, the first thought that comes to mind is ‘homely’ as Mustard has set up shop in a converted Portuguese style house and with the huge front lawn as was the norm in these sophisticated settings that add to Mustard’s charm.