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Paper Boat Collective | Sangolda

Easily one of Goa’s most exquisitely curated spaces, the Paper Boat Collective is a concept store that is quickly becoming so much more than simply a must stop to shop.

Having only recently opened its doors in January of 2013, Paper Boat Collective has since established itself as a design destination all its own. Housing items exclusively made by Indian based designers and smaller lesser-known studios, it is the undeniable place to go for anyone looking to discover the latest in young up and coming talents from across the country.

Specializing in unique ceramics, textiles and furniture, the store is home to a wide variety of hand selected products ranging from fashion, jewellery and accessories to housewares, children’s clothing and toys to a diverse range of lifestyle products and art pieces. All of which are chosen based on a belief in the quality of the product as well as in the individual behind the label. This is driven by PBC’s determination to position itself as a platform promoting boutique lines and independent labels. For which they’ve also initiated a number of successful pop up bazaars and community events, showcasing both their current line up of designers as well as bring in new names. The first having been their 2013 Christmas Bazaar, soon to grow into an annual event, and the second held earlier this year in collaboration with the Grand Hyatt Goa. Their goal is to give both designers and customers an equal opportunity for exposure. Opening the door to both sell and shop lines otherwise new to Goa or difficult to find.

The obvious success of which is no surprise thanks to the wealth of expertise behind founder/owner Bhagyashree Patwardhan. Known more commonly around the store and by her friends as Pattu, Bhagyashree’s enviable taste which is clearly displayed throughout is the result of years of experience within the industry. Having graduated from India’s leading design school, NID Ahmedabad, Pattu has herself spent the last 15 plus years navigating through the world of design, based mainly in and out of Mumbai. Majoring in Interior Design and later Ceramics, she’s worked on projects and headed studios related to everything from retail branding, product development and film, learning her fair share along the way.

“Just like you make a boat and let it go; we put our heart into making the product and let it go in to the world”

Given Goa’s position as an international hub along with being India’s own top destination for domestic tourism, it’s the ideal place to collectively showcase everything India’s design industry has to offer. Which is exactly what the Paper Boat Collective strives to do. Both with the attention they put into the lines they carry and in the promotion the design community they are a part of.

Plans forward for the coming season include the development of an in-house line of garments due to reach the store by October along with an overall expansion.  Creating further space for a café and future possibilities to grow and strengthen the collective they are striving to build. For all current updates and info be sure to follow them on Facebook and swing by on your next visit to the north to see what’s happening.

Paper Boat Collective

Hours | Monday to Saturday | 10:30am – 7:00pm

Contact | +91 832 6521248 |

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