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Party Hunt | Goa's very own app helping you to find great live music events!

What's one of the main questions we, along with every other person in Goa, get asked almost every day?

"Where's the party at!?"

A similar reality for the Arambol based, music loving software engineer, Rachit Rawat. Only he decided to do something about it...

Launched in Goa in October of 2018, Party Hunt is an app designed to help you find live music events as well as get your own events found. Whether you're a music enthusiast, venue host, or musician in Goa, this app was made with you in mind.

Party Hunt is free for users and available for download on Google Play & the Apple App store

A true labour of love & honest desire to get you and everyone around you dancing, Rachit has put all of his own time, energy and money into getting the app up and running. With the support of many friends & fellow music lovers, news of the app spread quickly and has since become a great resource within the Goa music community.

The two brilliant videos found here were also the result of collaborations with Rachit's friends, local & visiting musicians and performers who simply wanted to see the project succeed.

And like them, we too want to see Party Hunt become the go to app for live music events in Goa. Rachit has big plans for the tool and we can't wait to see where it goes in the coming season.

But like with all great works, this one too needs funding!

You can find Rachit's INDIEGOGO Party Hunt campaign here

Find out how they plan to expand the app and provide you, the user with even more great tools to find, share & support live music. Oh, and the app lists everything from classic rock & roll nights to ecstatic dance, so don't fool yourself into thinking it's not for you.

It's for everyone. Now get out and dance!


Party Hunt

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