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People Tree | Shop | Assagao

A space that celebrates collective creativity initiated over 20 years ago by the power of a few passionate people and a simple hand printed T-shirt.

Stumble upon the chilled out boutique and restaurant duo located at address 6 Assagao and one may be quick to assume they’ve simply discovered yet another of the many art café’s to pop up across Goa in recent years. The kind hosting an array of ethically made, fairly traded and traditionally inspired attire, eclectic accessories and natural lifestyle products. Promoting their use of local organic ingredients and serving up a considerably higher quality coffee than you’ll ever find anywhere else in the village. However take a moment to look a little closer and you’ll come to learn the full story.  The one that introduces you to the dynamic yet surprisingly humble company that is more than likely responsible for the entire ‘eco-friendly’ movement in India that’s resulted in the above.

Meet the folks of People Tree. Arguably one of India’s first repeatable design collectives to start kicking up and making noise nearly 25 years back. An initiative which began in Delhi between a small group of friends with a shared frustration on the lack of both political and personal freedoms in a country that was only just beginning to consider design as a legitimate alternative to engineering or medicine. Well at least for women that is. Having at the time all either recently graduated or dropped out of their respective design institutes, quit their jobs