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Portuguese-Man-of-War jelly fish spotted on Baga beach

Drishti Marine lifeguards spotted a cluster of Portuguese-Man-Of-War, a jelly-like marine organism commonly known as Bluebottle or Floating Terror which washed ashore on Baga beach on 3rd August 2018. The Bluebottle jelly-like marine organism spotted were less than an inch in size. Drishti Marine have alerted the tourism department about the same and have told people to be aware when heading into the water.

Marine animals, jellyfish are of two kinds- toxic and non-toxic. And while most jellyfish stings are harmless to humans and cause only a mild irritation; species like Bluebottle are venomous and can cause harm to contact. Even a dead Bluebottle washed up on shore can deliver a sting.