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Sacha's Shop | Panjim

Effortlessly Charming | Eclectically Chic

Step off Panjim’s main 18th of June Road, wander two blocks back and you’ll find one of the city’s most enticing, eclectic and effortless charming retail spaces.  Set amidst the endless rundown offices, ICICI banks and apartment flats, this is one old Portuguese colonial home that’s taken on a whole new life in recent years.

Beautifully maintained, bright in colour and showcasing a recent Jaadugar by Srijanartwork spread across its side wall, its hard to miss the place, especially now that the trendy Black Sheep Bistro has just opened shop in the front portion and is attracting quite the crowd on its own.

And yet it’s this quaint little boutique found along the lane, up the steps and onto the side patio that has been pulling people in for the past four years.  Spread throughout two small rooms lies a vast assortment of carefully curated and beautifully styled collections, designer wares, one off pieces, accessories, found objects, housewares and more